AIHS Annual Report 2016

AMDA Institute of Health Science:

In the year 1996, with the permission from Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). AMDA-Nepal started training program on Auxiliary Nurse Midwives-18 months (ANM) and Laboratory Assistant-15 months (LA) in order to produce paramedical manpower for the district hospitals, primary health centers and health posts. In 1997, Community Medical Assistant-15 months (CMA) program was added. Thus, the hospital is also functioning as a TEACHING INSTITUTE to produce trained paramedical. Every year 160 students are enrolled in the course:  40 staff nurse, 40 in ANM, 40 in CMA and 40 in Lab. Assistant course. In 2008, Proficiency Certificate Level course in Nursing (PCL Nursing) program has been added. Academic course for Health Assistant & Laboratory Technician is planned to start soon.


v  To produce qualified professional nurses by providing quality education.

v  To provide skilled health personnel in the health sector.

v  To produce competent paramedical personnel able to perform in INGO, NGO, Hospital, Nursing Home & teaching sectors.

 AMDA Kanagawa has supported for the establishment of a library for the student of AIHS. The library consists of remarkable volumes of books.

Total 2135 trainees have been graduated (522 in Laboratory Assistant, 783 in Auxiliary Nurse Midwives, 632 in Community Medical Assistant and 198 in PCL nursing program) till now. Academic progress report is mentioned in the table.


Student Enrollment 2016/2017

Summary of academic achievements of 2015/2016


No. of Admission

No. of students appeared in exam 2015/2016

No. of students passed in final exam 2015/2016


PCL Nursing

(3 yrs)






(15 months)






(18 months)





Lab. Assistant

(15 months)






                Summary of academic achievements of 1996/1997 to 2015/2016


No. of students graduated


PCL Nursing (3 yrs)



CMA (15 months)



ANM (18 months)



Lab. Assistant (15 months)



Total No. of students graduated




Summary of other activities in 2016/2017

 §  Adequate exposure for the students in its own Hospital and the Primary Health Care Centers of AMDA Nepal.

 §  Guest lecture at regular interval.

 §  Tuition fee and other expenses are economical compared to other similar institutions.

 §  Well-equipped hostel with sound academic environment, including separate study room.

 §  Excellent result of students during final exams.

Future plans:

·         To continuous for academic building construction.

 ·         To start the Health Assistant Program from the coming session.

 ·         To develop infrastructure for academic training programs like Bachelor of Nursing &

        Bachelor of Public Health course.

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