AMDA Mechi Hospital

AMDA Nepal has established a 15 beded AMDA Mechi Hospital in Dhulabari, Jhapa in support of Embassy of Japan, Mechinagar municipality, FNCCI, Dhulabari. Hospital services were formally inaugurated on 2065 Mangsir 20 (5 December 2008). It provides general curative health services. Land for the hospital was acquired from a local donor. A tri-patriot MoU has been singed among AMDA Nepal,Mechinagar Municipality and FNCCI Mechinagar for the management of hospital at local level.


Official inauguration of this hospital was done on 5 December 2008. His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan to Nepal inaugurated this hospital. 

 Mailing address:

AMDA-Mechi Hospital
Dhulabari, Jhapa, Nepal
Tel.: +977 (23)  560550


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