AMDA Hospital


AMDA hopsital was established as AMDA referral center of 15-bed capacity with the help of AMDA International, and Damak Municipality in November 1992. In 1995, it was upgraded to 30 bed and started working as an implementing partner of UNHCR and serving as a primary referral hospital to more than 2/3 Bhutanese Refugees in addition to the local patients. By this time, AMDA-Hospital is a popular hospital in eastern Nepal and provides services not only to the refugees and the local municipality, but also to the people from remote districts who need to walk even days to reach this Hospital. It has been recognized as a 75-beded charity hospital from Ministry of Health and more than 100 beds are being used to serve the people in need. Hospital provides specialty services of aneasthesiology, general medicine, surgery, gynecology, radiology, paediatrics. orthopedics, ENT, dental, eye etc. This hospital also has understaining with different medical institutes for the field study of medical graduates and post graduates. It has total 2 bighas land donated by the local donor family.

Hospital building, training center and other blocks are constructed using AMDA Nepal's fund and from the kind support of Embassy of Japan in Nepal, UNHCR, AMDA Japan and Nick Simons Institute.

Progress report/Features:

Municipality mayor chairs the Local Management Support Committees
Provides scholarship and overseas training oppertunities to dedicated staff.
Conducted approx 20 deliveries a day in FY 2072/73
More than 20000 OPD patients a year
24 hour emergency service.
Organizes mobile clinics in the periphery on the basis of its need.
Conducts Skill Birth Attendance (SBA) and Aneasthetic Assistant (AA) training

 Hospital Activities

Sn Description Year 2069/070 Year 2070/071 Year 2071/072 Year 2072/073
1 OPD consultation                                                                      20350  20946  20544  24049
2 Emergency      6724 6347 
3 Patient admission  10001  10136  10062 10912 
4 Delivery (Normal and LSCS)  5551 6150  6407 7046
5 General surgery (including LSCS)  4696  3843  4203 5708
6 Gyane/Obs surgery (Including LSCS) 2278  2441  2900 3527 
7 Income NRs. ('000)  71378  86706  106378 122924 
8 Expenditure NRs. ('000)  77162  81506  101995 121259 

 Year 2073/074

Sn Description

























1 OPD consultation  2717  2453  1786                  
2 Emergency 531   563  507                  
3 Patient admission  1010  1076   959                  
4 Delivery (Including LSCS)  636 660   648                  
5 General surgery (inclusing LSCS) 787  774  726                   
6 Gynae/Obs surgery (including LSCS)  317  323 317                   
7 Medical doctor  19 19 20                   
8 Nurse  47  47  47                  
9 Total hospital staff 183 183  183                  
10 Income NRs. ('000)  8814  9158 17432                   
11 Expenditure NRs.('000)                                           402  10282  8592                  


Contact/Mailining Address 
The Medical Superintendent
AMDA Hospital
Damak -2, Jhapa, Nepal
Phone: +977 (23) 580046/580667
Fax: +977 (23) 580186


Latest News

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