Membership of AMDA Nepal

AMDA-Nepal has provision for three types of memberships:
  1. Full Member: Qualified medical doctor registered in Nepal Medical Council, who fulfills the pre-requisites, decided by the organization could be a full member of the organization.
  2. Associate Member: Foreign medical doctors or non-medical persons working for AMDA can be "Associate Members".
  3. Honored Member: Persons who have been honored by the organization can be 'Honored Member'. Membership is awarded by the General Assembly meeting of the organization. So far, there are 33 full members of AMDA-Nepal.
Namelist of AMDA Nepal's member as of 1 Janaury 2019
Sn Name Membership Number E-mail ID View Detail
1 Dr. Ananda Prasad Acharya  
2 Dr. Anil Kumar Das  
3 Dr. Babu Ram Marasini  
4 Dr. Bal Kumar KC  
5 Dr. Binod Kumar Parajuli  
6 Dr. Deepak Aryal  
7 Dr. Dhruba Koirala  
8 Dr. Dinesh Binod Pokhrel  
9 Dr. Durga Prasad Bhandari  
10 Dr. Harish Chandra Upreti  
11 Dr. Krishna Kumar Rai  
12 Dr. Lekh Raj Subedi  
13 Dr. Madhav Prasad Khanal  
14 Dr. Narayan Bahadur Basnet  
15 Dr. Navin Kumar Thakur  
16 Dr. Neebha Lacoul Ojha  
17 Dr. Nirmal Rimal  
18 Dr. Pashupati Regmi  
19 Dr. Rajeeb Khanal  
20 Dr. Ramesh Prasad Aacharya  
21 Dr. Rameshwar Prasad Pokharel ..
22 Dr. Rishikesh Narayan Shrestha  
23 Dr. Rohit Kumar Pokharel  
24 Dr. Sangeeta Baral Basnet  
25 Dr. Saroj Prasad Ojha  
26 Dr. Shailesh Kumar Bhagat  
27 Dr. Shankar Prasad Huzdar  
28 Dr. Shishir Kumar Regmi  
29 Dr. Shrijana Shrestha  
30 Dr. Sunu Dulal  
31 Dr. Tarun Paudel  
32 Dr. Yagya Raj Pathak  
33 Dr. Yogendra Prasad Singh