Published Date: Dec 12, 2022
Expiry Date: Dec 18, 2022

आम्दा नेपाल
सरोकारवालाहरूका लागी सुरक्षा र सहायता परियोजना
दमक, झापा
साप्ताहिक गतिविधि
प्रकाशन मितिः २०७९।०८।२६ गते
(अवधि वि.सं. २०७९।०८।२० देखि २०७९।०८।२६ सम्म । ई.सं. २०२२, ४९ औं हप्ता)


  • List preparation of 60+, chronic and Disability without duplication for HIB support was done from 3rd to 6th December, 2022 with total cost calculation and shared to UNHCR on 6th December, 2022.
  • AMDA supported in foster child protection issue with identification of new foster family and visited children for their consent of shift from one to another family with UNHCR from 8th to 9th December, 2022.

  • Verification exercise of CMC and CBOs was done from 5th to 9th December, 2022. The exercise included documentation of salary, expenditure of activities, attendance and timesheet.
  • AMDA supported to WINAGE team on interview sessions of participants from 5th to 6th December, 2022. AMDA coordination with Damak Municipality and participated in inauguration program on 7th December, 2022 which included final selection of participants of both Beldangi and Sanischare camp in 3 months care giver training.
  • AMDA participated in 16 Days Activism (Friendly Football) and monitor of Fight-back training at Chulachuli School. The female students of chulachuli participated in training despite the school holiday and training was running smoothly.

  • CMC and CBOs organized speech contest and IEC/Condom distribution program on World AIDS Day Program at Beldangi camp on 1st December, 2022.
  • CMC and CBOs organized 16 Days Activism (Friendly Football match and Art competition) with their active participation.

Inaguration friendly Football Match between CBO'S Beldangi Camp Fight Back Training_Chulachuli School, Damak-3_20220812
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